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And in one hop every other pony in the episode combined was out-cuted.
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Agent Tasmania

She's a dentist that works quick and keep her appointments perfectly on schedule.
Timing and punctuality is her general mark skill, dentistry is the application.

Rarity's marked for finding gems but dayjobs as a fashion designer and seamstress, Pinkie's marked a party planner and joy spreader but works as a baker. The cutie mark skill and the career can be very distinct, intertwined or one and the same.

Both her trading card and her Enterplay cards make reference to her having some potentially potent time magic. It would be very cool to see this in the show at some point. Pony with Haste or Time Stop would be awesome!
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@Background Pony #FDCB
That especially pissed me off about "Colgate". From the very first episode of MLP, we knew that she was a student who went to the same school as Twilight. But noooooo. The bronies just HAD to make her a dentist and ignore the fact that she attends a school about magic. Stupid, stupid, stupid bronies.

It makes me so happy when Hasbro says "fuck you" to headcanons :)

I'll smile a mile wide when Hasbro fucks over your own personal headcanon(s). Just give it time, pal.

Best part? You'll probably bitch about it.
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@Revenant Wings
So that's why I was staring at her mane then like 'hey something looks here different but what'. Pretty nice how the animation keeps improving even with something as simple as a turntable.

Also Minuette is my new favorite side chatacter/background pony HNNNNNNGGG
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@Revenant Wings
Indeed. I believe it's happened a few times here and there, but never really stood out much since the ponies would usually have a single color mane. Here it just REALLY stands out.

I'm not sure, have we seen this side of her mane? I like it~