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safe2172027 artist:nadnerbd180 princess celestia112593 twilight sparkle357342 alicorn313621 pony1600213 unicorn536936 g42026848 backlighting1277 bed57680 cuddling10724 cute265455 cutelestia4273 duo169244 eyes closed138764 female1800157 floppy ears72873 height difference2474 high res407682 lesbian117538 long mane7181 long tail5430 loose hair2469 lying down46526 mare739402 missing accessory10225 momlestia1123 on side9531 partially open wings2200 ship:twilestia2802 shipping253873 sleeping29363 slender6550 snuggling7413 sweet dreams fuel2046 tail100179 thin9683 twiabetes15280 underhoof68870 unicorn twilight33085 wings222348


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Background Pony #BEDE
@Neko Majin C  
It’s easy to read the picture as shipping, but it’s easy enough to read even that comment as otherwise.  
I mean, Celestia has to make a lot of am I doing the right thing? decisions, both related to Twilight Sparkle (dangerous missions, plans for princesshood, past failure with Sunset Shimmer) and completely unrelated (I read her gaze as having started on Twilight Sparkle’s face and having drifted to nowhere in particular).
Background Pony #8EE7
Yeah, pretty much my reasoning on not wanting to get rid of them, odds are someone would get pissed off. No need to fix what’s not broken.