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Ever seen those videos and pictures that believe slamming tons of unrelated cartoon/live-action characters into one adventure that is made up of an already existing movie will be entertaining to many? No, I'm not just talking about Pooh's Adventures. I'm talking about Littlefoot's Adventures, Robin Hood's Adventures, Ronald McDonald's Adventures, Sonic's Adventures, Shin-Chan's Adventures, Simba, Timon and Pumbaa's Adventures, Aladar's Adventures… [link]

To find a better example of the poster for these things that are poorly cut-and-pasted with Paint/Photoshop/PowerPoint/Pwhatever, check out my user page.

Don't bother asking who the characters are, who I forgot or where I got them, or even be amazed. Just pay attention to how stupid these crossovers are.
dead source23363 safe1708802 artist:maxtaro10 crackle358 danny williams195 dj pon-329274 pinkie pie216418 twilight sparkle300624 vinyl scratch29275 zig zag27 agumon20 chinese dragon99 cow3334 dragon56440 eastern dragon210 genie1596 goomba95 pikachu857 roadrunner12 2 stupid dogs8 a bug's life20 a christmas carol83 a troll in central park8 aang75 abigail5 adventure299 aladdin298 alex30 all dogs go to heaven26 alpha and omega11 alvin and the chipmunks36 alvin seville9 american dad80 ami5 an american tail18 andy4 angry beavers36 angry birds168 animaniacs183 ann2 antz2 aqua teen hunger force245 ariel171 asterix28 astrid7 astro boy15 avatar the last airbender520 b.o.b.29 babs bunny32 bagi2 bagi the monster of mighty nature2 balto21 barely pony related6155 barney43 barry benson7 batman2180 batty koda1 beauty and the beast375 beavis35 beavis and butthead105 bee movie28 belle138 bender bending rodriguez173 betty boop27 bijou10 bloo (foster's)60 blooregard q kazoo19 blossom (powerpuff girls)245 bob36 bob the builder11 bolt87 brave26 brave little toaster28 brother bear11 brown m&m1 bubble tape2 bubbles (powerpuff girls)315 bugs bunny164 buster bunny15 buttercup (powerpuff girls)228 butthead25 buzz lightyear103 caillou12 captain crunch6 care bears220 cars (pixar)68 cathy2 cats don't dance52 charlie barkin4 charlie brown144 chicken little6 chip33 chip and dale rescue rangers38 chowder72 cloudy with a chance of meatballs14 cocoa puffs8 cogsworth7 cool world7 coonskin1 coraline35 cosmo43 count chocula6 count duckula6 courage26 courage the cowardly dog192 cow and chicken32 crossover62317 daffy duck72 daggett doofus beaver11 dale6 darkwing duck87 despicable me112 dexter84 dexter's laboratory213 dick dastardly20 digimon721 disney2549 disney's robin hood4 dobutsu no mori1 don bluth230 donald duck123 donkey kong189 donkey kong country148 doogal1 dopey15 doraemon62 dory19 dot warner51 doug30 drawn together60 droopy10 dug6 earthworm jim41 easter bunny213 ed149 edd120 eddy122 edward wong hau pepelu tivrusky iv9 elmo34 eric cartman104 everyone25 family guy580 fantastic mr fox4 ferngully18 fievel mousekewitz10 final fantasy1321 final fantasy vii277 find the pony7 finding nemo65 finn the human280 fiona6 fireman sam4 flik3 flint lockwood4 flushed away7 foster's home for imaginary friends177 foxxy love4 fred flintstone18 frosted flakes9 fruit loops6 frylock25 futurama855 gadget hackwrench31 galaxy railway 9992 garfield253 george liquor4 ghostbusters317 gian1 gnomeo2 gnomeo and juliet3 goddard2 goofy (disney)73 gossamer (looney tunes)2 gremlins34 gru14 guardians of ga'hoole1 gumby13 gwen25 hamtaro74 hank hill70 happy feet5 heavy weapons guy418 heffer wolfe3 hello kitty158 help i'm a fish1 henry limpet1 hercules162 hi hi puffy ami yumi22 hiccup horrendous the third26 holli would4 home on the range8 homer simpson265 homestar runner249 hong kong phooey1 hop16 how to train your dragon267 hubie2 hugo2 ice age85 igor22 invader zim377 itchy itchiford1 jack skellington100 james and the giant peach6 jenna3 jenny59 jenny wakeman137 jerry19 jimmy neutron64 john lennon70 johnny bravo93 juliet4 jungledyret hugo2 kermit the frog72 kiki33 kiki's delivery service51 killer30 kim possible131 kimba6 kimba the white lion8 king of the hill210 kirby765 kirby (character)434 kung fu panda104 kuzco26 larry the cucumber23 lilo and stitch180 lilo pelekai19 little big planet10 little nemo5 littlebigplanet11 littlefoot21 looney tunes436 lum invader26 lumiere18 m&m's42 madagascar38 maggie17 mama bear99 mario1616 mass crossover65 master shake42 meatwad30 megaman1072 megamind30 merida57 merrie melodies57 mickey mouse175 mighty mouse11 mike wazowski30 minions77 minnie mouse57 miss piggy16 monkey d luffy214 monster house10 monsters inc.75 monsters vs. aliens3 monterey jack5 mordecai436 mr. incredible16 mrs. jones1 mufasa33 mulan178 mushu41 muttley17 my life as a teenage robot170 nausicaa of the valley of the wind41 nemo12 neon genesis evangelion372 nesquik4 nobita11 once upon a forest4 one piece1028 oogie boogie14 oscar46 oswald2 over the hedge7 papa bear7 papa smurf16 paprika12 parody15643 peanuts304 pebble and the penguin2 perry the platypus72 peter griffin120 phineas and ferb291 pink panther25 pinky and the brain94 poe's law85 ponyo19 pop86 prince john4 princess merida2 princess tiana12 pucca21 pumbaa19 puss in boots15 quagmire34 quest for camelot28 quiky1 rabbid34 raggedy andy6 raggedy ann12 rango16 raphael143 rapunzel232 ratatouille22 rayman raving rabbits5 regular show639 ren and stimpy181 ren hoek32 rex7 rice krispies7 rio21 rita12 rj3 road runner39 robin370 rocket power16 rocko's modern life63 rocky and bullwinkle13 roger2 roger rabbit19 ronald mcdonald36 ruby gloom38 rugrats107 sackboy12 sailor moon1478 sam and max100 samurai jack279 sanrio409 sawyer8 scooby doo270 scott pilgrim57 scrat10 scrooge mcduck89 sephiroth72 serena tsukino200 sesame street161 shark tale5 shin-chan6 shizuka3 shrek284 simba102 simon seville6 slimer13 smurfette32 smurfs74 snagglepuss3 snap50 snow white and the seven dwarfs80 sonic the hedgehog3051 sonic the hedgehog (series)7503 sonny the cuckoo bird1 souryuu asuka langley56 south park654 space chimps1 spider-man1794 spongebob squarepants2954 stanley3 star fox265 stimpson j cat9 stitch126 stripes1319 strong bad76 stylistic suck1143 sulley4 suneo1 super mario bros.3984 tamagotchi60 tangled (disney)217 team fortress 25871 teen titans517 teenage mutant ninja turtles693 the ant bully1 the beatles210 the berenstain bears14 the cat in the hat26 the emperor's new groove207 the fairly oddparents356 the flintstones37 the grim adventures of billy and mandy183 the incredible mr limpet1 the incredibles166 the land before time78 the lion king527 the little mermaid518 the lorax48 the magic voyage1 the moomins26 the muppets137 the nightmare before christmas188 the pagemaster10 the pebble and the penguin7 the pink panther15 the pirates band of misfits7 the powerpuff girls913 the princess and the frog79 the secret of nimh21 the smurfs42 the thief and the cobbler4 theodore seville7 thomas35 thomas the tank engine329 thumbelina11 tima1 timon24 tinkerbell92 tinkerbelle1 tintin26 tiny toon adventures93 titanic the legend goes on14 tom and jerry138 tommy pickles7 tony the tiger11 too many tags17 top cat5 total drama island130 toucan sam6 tow mater8 toy story299 trix38 trix rabbit6 tsukino usagi168 unico28 up54 urusei yatsura32 veggietales428 vuk1 wakko warner36 wall of tags3085 wall-e53 wallace and gromit44 wanda29 we're back a dinosaur's story7 who framed roger rabbit149 will smith49 winnie the pooh218 woody132 woody woodpecker21 wooldoor sockbat5 yakko warner43 yogi bear16 yumi3 zim63 zipper775


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This amazing piece of anime lost media could have set a record for the most main characters in a movie ever.
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@Background Pony #3048
Well, it was the very first pic of this type posted, i know, i posted it (before a freaking anon stole my upload) and it predated the annoying massive spam of this type of pic.
Background Pony #A0D4
This picture is weird, confused, and has far too many elements. But what do you expect? It says it's a Martin Scorsese film.

I've seen this image before, and now I found it again while searching the Vinyl Scratch tag. So where the hell is she in this image? I can't find her.