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Miss Pie's Monsters page 14
safe1725237 artist:heir-of-rick1454 bon bon16536 derpy hooves50430 dinky hooves4395 fluttershy214705 lyra heartstrings29829 pinkie pie218040 rainbow dash236019 rarity183465 scootaloo51554 sweetie drops16535 trixie68043 twilight sparkle302883 oc696502 oc:captain11 oc:radiant spark5 breezie2173 crystal pony4576 golem204 monster pony3501 original species25580 tatzlpony1351 miss pie's monsters117 aurora dash30 breeziefied489 clarity26 comic110108 flutterbat6883 hidden cane88 holiday20294 nightmare night4714 species swap20110 tatzljack361 twiceratops43 twilight breezie67


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Chaotic Neutral
Sometimes this font just pisses me off. The exclamation marks look like question marks and some of the letters blur together on the smaller texts…it's actually a little difficult to read. I had to spend a bit of time to realize Pinkie was saying "Clarity" instead of "Rarity" because some fonts have a weird way of making some letters look like others like cursive where the Z looks like a g.

The bigger sizes are fine, it's just the small text.