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safe1599151 artist:rain-flicker1 artist:silfoe1542 princess celestia90430 princess luna94788 earth pony210332 pony868271 :p7512 breeching3 britchen28 cart1279 cewestia1701 ear piercing22533 earring18540 female1271941 filly60656 harness1770 horse collar135 jewelry53907 male338110 mare432069 piercing36078 pink-mane celestia2407 stallion95750 tail wrap5997 tongue out93112 woona4953 yoke309


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Just as Princess Elizabeth — later Queen Elizabeth II — was a vehicle driver/mechanic in the ATS, doing her part for the war effort in WWII, I guess younger Celestia learned the value of hard work & responsibility.

Thus her becoming the wise monarch of Equestria, many moons later.