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This ain't nothin' after that thundercloud in Last Roundup.
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Background Pony #E4E6
I like how Dr. Whooves doesn't get irritated with Derpy interacting with his tinkerings.
Background Pony Number 17
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

It's a "plasma ball". Same thing as a neon tube, really. The ball in the middle is one end of the circuit, and the glass inner wall is the other end. The ball is partially evacuated, and the voltage difference sends an arc like a miniature lightning bolt through the gas. When you touch it, that changes the local voltage difference which moves the arc.

Plasma balls shouldn't raise your hair like this, though. The animators are mixing them up with Van de Graaf generators, which produce a strong voltage difference on a sphere and anything the sphere touches (like a person).

I remember seeing something like this tesla ball irl but i didn't get energized at touch.. Anyway, i just loved the Derpiwhooves part of the episode