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A certain person has requested me to make a wallpaper-sized version of >>911023 (merged)
Since the source is under CC BY-NC, I didn't saw any problem with that. This is the highest resolution you can get without redrawing the image from scratch.

Upscaled via OpenGL "Reverse Anti-Aliasing" shader and retouched minor artifacts in SAI. I take no credit for the image itself.
safe1750180 artist:foudubulbe490 edit135874 editor:dsp200393 maud pie12735 trixie68728 pony1010244 unicorn342187 comic:damp rocks239 :t3864 annoyed5598 balloon10422 blowing525 blowing up balloons195 clothes475881 cute205664 dress46064 earring22155 female1401627 floppy ears54484 frown23561 glare8303 inflating108 lesbian99261 mare502054 mauxie445 party1882 piercing43094 poking600 puffy cheeks3969 retouched7 shipping205643 upscale13 wide eyes17392


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