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Jace F65D

Well that certanly could be a very interesting conversation,the one who left his brother because friendship showed him the error of his ways,and the one who left everything because she couldn't understand friendship
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The magic's gone :-(
Scorpan: Mmm, so soft! Pony manes are so fluffy and cute!
Sunset: You must be Scorpan. Pleased to meet you. I am Sunset Shimmer.
Scorpan: Yes, I am. Pleased to meet you too, Miss Shimmer. But how did you know my name? Not many ponies know I even exist.
Sunset: I've been reading a lot about you after your brother's latest attack. I came here to talk to you about certain things.
Scorpan: Oh, that one. I heard Tirek caused some serious chaos, but he was fortunately stopped before anything permanent could happen. He has always been so… power-hungry. Dad never understood him.
Sunset: I came to talk about…
Scorpan: Are you alone? Ponies don't often come here alone. Usually they come in larger groups. And it's been probably a decade or more since the last time I've seen a pony.
Sunset: I can take care of myself. I'm very skilled in combat magic due to certain events in…
Scorpan: Wow, that is some powerful magic I sense in you. Did my brother take your magic too?
Sunset: Well, I once was Princess Celestia's student. And no, I wasn't affected by him at all.
Scorpan: Really? How did you escape him?
Sunset: I didn't. I wasn't here when it happened. I mean, I wasn't in this world at all. You can't possibly imagine how far away I've come here to see you.