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I think it's because of a few reasons.

One: They play off each other well. He's soft spoken, kind, patient, and a farmer. She's loud, outspoken, impatient, and a show pony. They contrast, but in a way that the two can really help support the other. Their strengths can cover the other's weaknesses.

Two: They were both common Twilight pairings back in the early fandom. {Twimac kind of died off after a while and now barely gets any attention.} So, it's easy to see how they were shifted together.
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As often as I swim against the tide of the fandom, this should probably be taken as confirmation of your speculation, but I just use "crack shipping" as any pairing (trio/quartet/etc.) that is completely unexpected and doesn't seem to have any canon basis; it's not a judgment that it's worse than other shipping combinations. One of the very few fandom ships that I like, DerpyMac, is definitely a "crack ship".
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You know, sometimes, I see people using the "crack shipping" tag as a whitewashed way to say to say "this ship sucks."

Not sure if we should keep it on this image. It is two ponies that are not committing any sort of infidelity. I don't see how this makes any less sense than Mauxie.

Sunset and Twilight honestly feel like a sister kind of thing. They were tutored by Celestia, someone they looked up to and pretty much a mother figure and had a lot of similar traits. That and their scenes felt like cute little family moments.
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I just like contrast ships and how they can make both parties grow and adjust to the other because they want to, while keeping true to themselves.

Heh, I really like that. I kinda prefer that in ships too. Gives it much more uniqueness and gives you a challenge into thinking how the relationship would and wouldn't work.

It's the reason why I still like Twixie more than Sunlight.