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Uploaded by Background Pony #D943
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safe1752400 artist:westphalianartist40 adagio dazzle13285 aria blaze10037 sonata dusk13837 star swirl the bearded2050 classical unicorn4232 dragon58788 pony1012223 siren2177 unicorn343057 amazed212 baby10698 backstory154 beard3804 bells388 candle4913 cape10749 clothes476595 cloven hooves10624 cute205922 family4562 fire11775 hat90515 hatless2098 headcanon2372 leonine tail9213 light1546 missing accessory8388 open mouth154806 pyromancer19 shading1996 shadow4364 smoke2678 teacher975 wizard657 younger17781


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Background Pony #E8DB
@Dirty Bit  
She appears to have the curiosity of a kitten, and the irises of a furnace… a furnace melting my heart… :3