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Finished version of >>912867
Because the artist said "What the f*** is wrong with you? At least let me make a better version if you're going to upload it!"
y-you too hatter
safe1575135 artist:hattsy461 derpibooru exclusive24359 pinkie pie203194 twilight sparkle282658 earth pony198844 pony845430 unicorn266005 angry23959 camera3485 clone2317 clones610 fake horn609 flockmod652 horn extensions8 injured3121 paparazzi48 pinkie clone879 simple background345499 slap402 small horn186 unicorn twilight12891 white background87070


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Background Pony #2734
That's what she f***ing gets for seemingly murdering those clones that she could've just sent to get the word "Clone" in front of their cutie marks. BUT NO SHE HAD TO PISS ME OFF SO MUCH I DECIDED TO PROTEST!