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14 comments posted
Background Pony #E3ED
Well you're in luck. Asking is considered evil enough to warrant it. Twilight and Cadence are coming to personally arrest you now. Word of warning, though, after this last mishap they're now doing the "strung up" thing properly with a noose around the neck.

What? They wouldn't actually hurt anypony, though. The noose just sits there, limp, not even attached to anything else on the other end, and all your weight is supported by the other binds. What kind of ponies do you take them for? xp
Background Pony #E3ED
Cadence, when they were ordered to be hanged, this isn't what the princesses had in mind…

But you know what, maybe this is a better alternative… Diaper them so they don't make a mess, and we can leave them up there for, say, two days.