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Background Pony #9DE5
@Background Pony #8C07
Ah, OK; I thought you were just using a convenient opening for a reference to The Incredibles. While I’m sure that’s not what OP was going for with this image, I can see Sunset Shimmer deciding to interpret it that way and try to convince others of her reasoning, so in that way I can see your point.
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@Cirrus Light
In a sense, yes that would be possible, but I was referring specifically to @Background Pony #DC7A ’s comment about why Starlight would approve of something that would go directly against her philosophy/approach to whatever her endgame was going to be.

Everyone being the best through their differences would almost directly oppose that, so I decided to approach it from a different angle (part about being your best by never being your best over loudspeaker).
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Cirrus Light
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Sciencepone of Science!

@Background Pony #8C07

"Best" depends on what criteria in specific you’re referring to. You may refer to "all-around best", but then you’d need to specify how you weigh various parameters.

For example; someone who values intelligence, logical thinking, and an analytical mind above all other attributes will state, by his self-imposed/assumed though unspecified criteria, that Twilight Sparkle is best pony.

Meanwhile, likewise, someone who most highly values fun and excitement in low-tension/stakes situations, and social interaction, will come to the conclusion that Pinkie is best pony.

Though even this will change depending on context. Someone may value Pinkie Pie’s primary aspects for periodic friendship interactions, yet for a lifelong marital partner, value Twilight’s more.

Point is that it is indeed possible for every pony to be best in their own specialized way, since "Best" is relative to criteria, observer and context.

And Fluttershy is a tree.
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