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Part 1/3
Part 2 here: >>909436
Part 3 here: >>909452

I don't think I'll upload part 2 or 3 today, because making one of those is harder than it looks!

And there will be no part 4 because I'm focusing on the first trilogy. I'm not saying I don't like Apollo Justice or Dual Destinies, but the original trilogy was planned from the start, while all the other games only exist because the fans demanded sequels.

P.S.: I did these lists long before Season 5, so don't blame me if a new, more worthy character is/was introduced.
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U mad?
Some others:

Trixie as Franziska
Celestia as the Judge
Luna as the 2nd Judge from PW: T&T
Maud as Viola Cadaverini
Bon Bon as Kay Faraday
Starlight as Godot
Sweetie Belle as Pearl Fey
Fluttershy as Iris Hawthorne
Shining Armor and Cadence as Ron and Desiree
Thunderlane as Apollo
Sunset as Lang Zi

Chrysalis as Dahlia Hawthorne

Coco would better fit Lauren Pops from the first AAI game.

And Blueblood isn't worthy enough to be Gant. He can be Jean Armstrong. Let Tirek be Gant.

I'm gonna come back to this because….I don't purely agree with the choices….

Ahem Ill give a proper review at some point I swear it.