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WLF selling "blind-box" collectables, 8 designs, including:
Common: Vinyl, Rarity, Twilight, Flutterbat, and Pinkie Pie
Rare: Derpy
Ultra-rare: Chyssy, Discord
dead source24539 safe1727549 artist:sambragg111 derpy hooves50476 dj pon-329473 fluttershy214928 rarity183651 twilight sparkle303170 vinyl scratch29474 alicorn228590 pony987783 chibi14593 female1381831 flutterbat6888 irl70909 mare491235 merchandise4144 photo80640 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124934 welovefine351


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@Background Pony #DE9D
B-but Discord was a 1/24 chance to get! (also, there are 12, and WeLoveFine are making these, not Funko)

IN ANY NEWS, these future vinyls are no longer Blind Box-type collectibles. They are now sold like any other of WeLoveFine's vinyl figures due to what I imagine are complaints on their Facebook page. (although Discord will only be made available for those who pre-order the entire set)
Background Pony #E20E
Leave it to Funko to find a way to turn a set of 8 tiny horse figurines into $300. (maybe even $450-600 if you keep getting discord instead of chrysalis)