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safe1707464 artist:the smiling pony591 twilight sparkle300458 pony968598 unicorn323862 823 evil grin4423 female1364074 first twilight sparkle image1 get369 glowing eyes11156 glowing horn19678 grin38583 gritted teeth12263 hilarious in hindsight3179 inkscape1798 levitation12127 magic73319 mare481159 simple background393834 smiling248758 smirk12486 solo1064950 svg3628 teeth9800 telekinesis27756 transparent background202519 vector76931


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Background Pony #77FB
@Background Pony #F487
Whoops, I mean, "first twilight sparkle picture on derpibooru" (not image). And as it stands, if someone's trying to find the first picture for each of the Mane Six, they might not be able to find this one.
Background Pony #77FB
Shouldn't the "first twilight sparkle image" tag say "first twilight sparkle image on derpibooru" to match the others? I'd fix it, but the tags don't seem to be editable for some reason.
Background Pony #7716
Well, if you'd had that kind of book series named after you, you'd be angry too.