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safe1971109 artist:magnaluna1206 princess celestia105074 princess luna109240 twilight sparkle332854 alicorn274333 pony1322824 abstract background20675 absurd resolution71574 age regression1631 cloud37830 cloudy6445 cute236112 ethereal mane10834 eye contact7336 eyes closed120639 female1602756 filly84709 filly luna437 filly twilight sparkle3098 frown28787 glare8697 jealous1388 jealous luna12 jealous twilight1 looking at you216975 lunabetes3973 lying down32729 mare618048 momlestia1080 prone30785 smiling331048 starry mane5923 stars19907 twiabetes13850 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138535 woona5466 younger20243


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Celestia Fan
I know it doesn’t coincide with their actual relations but this just comes in mind:
Twilight: “Mommy’s mine!”  
Lune: “No, Mommy’s MINE!”  
Celestia: “Be quiet and go to bed you two! I’ll tell you bed time stories, OK?”