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safe1678759 artist:underpable854 rainbow dash230909 twilight sparkle296974 alicorn219147 pegasus281245 pony941262 8)1 :)104 :t3726 curved horn6525 cute195644 dashabetes9005 dilated pupils596 drinking3370 duo58658 eating9424 movie714 popcorn1494 prone25023 puffy cheeks3795 smiling240913 twiabetes11506 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122253 underpable is trying to murder us37 upside down5435 watching1162 weapons-grade cute3618


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DarkMech is Best Mech
With the positioning of Twilight's horn, I can't help but imagine her obliviously complaining about some kind of damage to the film reel that caused a little sliver at the bottom of each scene to look cut out.