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safe1970940 artist:sallycars132 apple bloom56353 babs seed6132 derpy hooves54001 rainbow dash259256 scootaloo55472 sweetie belle53436 earth pony361135 pegasus406327 pony1322625 unicorn446066 christmas18231 christmas tree5472 cookie4534 cutie mark crusaders20896 doll6348 female1602585 filly84698 floppy ears64473 foal29498 folded wings12903 food87677 glass5879 glass of milk38 holiday28876 letter3478 lying down32720 mare617973 mare in the moon1979 milk6044 moon28030 ms paint6456 photo89316 plate2327 plushie27844 present7737 prone30782 rainbow dash plushie133 rainbow dash's cutie mark354 snow globe295 snowman741 south park694 tree41412 twilight scepter2104 window11275 wings174854


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