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safe (1505721) artist:dm29 (1627) rainbow dash (212048) twilight sparkle (272963) alicorn (180164) pony (782506) twittermite (147) bloom and gloom (962) castle sweet castle (1263) tanks for the memories (1347) the cutie map (3639) alternate hairstyle (22621) crossing the memes (557) crying (37796) derp (6163) equal cutie mark (1306) female (830216) horn impalement (334) i didn't listen (578) i'm pancake (222) jar (816) mare (377421) ocular gushers (264) open mouth (113540) pest control gear (103) punklight sparkle (671) smiling (198290) solo (927668) staff (2587) staff of sameness (614) the meme continues (61) the story so far of season 5 (23) this isn't even my final form (377) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (109354) volumetric mouth (441) wide eyes (15554) winter (3841)


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8 comments posted
Trilby Pony

This isn't even her final form, is it? This can only end in more memes than can possibly be imagined…

Also, does anyone know why Bloom and Gloom is still spoilered when The Cutie Map and Castle, Sweet Castle were already passed by the time it came on?