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safe1995063 artist:atryl2088 aloe2942 bon bon17927 lotus blossom3088 lyra heartstrings32361 sweetie drops17927 earth pony372067 anthro321439 unguligrade anthro59319 ass71787 belly button97496 breasts349617 busty bon bon644 busty lotus blossom435 butt193042 candy8747 chubby15668 cleavage41753 female1625224 food89368 gun18855 lollipop2961 midriff22095 rocket launcher594 spa twins1537 stretching2856 tank (vehicle)1491 war1480


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I wonder what happened to lyra…
Maybe its a war vs the humans and she(Lyra) choose to trust them just to be backstabbed on the end, now bonbon seeks revenge on all humans for what they done to her friend…