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safe1658828 artist:ecmonkey62 spike77256 twilight sparkle294184 alicorn215243 pony922949 book32462 campfire1011 cute192567 featured image846 female1321739 fire11044 full moon3295 mare458391 markers309 marshmallow1306 moon22809 night25229 open mouth137356 prone24723 sitting60325 smiling235877 traditional art114829 tree30942 twilight sparkle (alicorn)121082


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Background Pony #EBC9
Love it. It's nice and cozy. Could do with a no wings edit for nostalgia, though.

All right, I get it. Hey everyone, don't mention that the, what I'm assuming is a marshmallow, looks like a certain male anatomy part. I'm also assuming the many deleted posts also point this out.
I thought my comment innocent enough, I used the correct terminology but apparently we can't even point that out.
Sorry for being too real.😏