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Like >>881081 (merged) but with with Soarin’s canon (but half-backwards) cutie mark.
safe1783778 artist:jowybean887 soarin'14351 spitfire13841 pegasus322488 pony1083892 backwards cutie mark3805 bag5435 building2689 city4459 cloud32888 cloudsdale1344 coffee4090 drink5164 eyes closed101382 female1432592 food74968 glasses66702 male399170 mare518186 open mouth161186 pie3419 restaurant739 scenery8405 scenery porn885 sky15539 sleepy1697 smiling271980 stallion120990 that pony sure does love pies389 tree34622 yawn1451


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Snugs are Drugs for Bugs
I think Soarin’s one of those ponies who remains thin regardless how much shit he eats all the time, and is also one of those ponies who loves food in general. I personally identify with this.
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Both marks are technically canon (I still like the pre-retcon one better).
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I like the explanation in “It’s Always Sunny in Phillydelphia”: flying burns a lot of energy. As a pegasus you have two options; sleep a lot or eat a lot (or warrying combinations). Rainbow prefers the former, Soarin’ the latter.