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dead source46357 safe2174367 artist:veggie55271 princess celestia112702 princess luna117192 scootaloo58762 alicorn314129 pegasus496495 pony1602501 bloom & gloom1121 g42028916 bed57782 comic135435 dialogue93000 dream walker luna853 feels1680 flying55063 glowing19135 glowing horn29135 heartwarming833 horn190465 levitation16249 magic96625 magic aura9000 scootaloo can fly902 scootalove2083 sleeping29387 speech bubble39398 telekinesis39060


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Lemma Prism
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Rinse and repeat an hour later.
“I feel like we’ve had this conversation before.”
“You’re right! You’re still asleep. This is a nightmare about raising the sun every day. You should just stop and enjoy the rest of your dream.”
“I… see.”
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“Can I raise the sun now, Sister?”  
“Maybe just a few more minutes…”  
“Luna, it’s 5 PM!”
And that’s how night came to last forever.
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I miss the show so much
Couldn’t she just use earplugs and black drapes?
Nah, that wouldn’t be so awww-worthy.