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And here's the supposed plot hole of RR filled — SS's exile sent them forward in time, implied to be a few months before EQG/RR events.


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Background Pony #47F4
But the comics are canon. But Siege of the Crystal Empire, some of the flashback scenes in Relections, and Siren’s origins from FIENDship is Magic are not.
Background Pony #47F4
@Background Pony #46E9
Well it would be canon to the franchise. Siege of the Crystal Empire is not canon to the tv show. And image a proper plot of the Sirens/Dazzlings origins which happens before they meet Stygian. The makers of the show don’t want us to see King Sombra reformed because they made a better plot of King Sombra’s resurrection in the season 9 premiere.
Background Pony #46E9
Is IDW considered canon? I feel like there is a contradiction. In the comics, Sombra was redeemed, while in Season 9 of the show, he was defeated.
Background Pony #0FAF
@Red Yellow Moon
What? No! Star Swirl didn’t send the Dazzlings 1,000 years into the future and banished them to the human world at the same time. The epilogue shows us something that is so strange because why are the modern buildings are built early 1,000 years before the present time? The Dazzlings are immortals because they have been banished in the human world for 1,000 years.
Background Pony #0FAF
Why is this city modern instead of ancient. I mean this comic is not canon because they got a little carried away by showing Star Swirl the Bearded banished the Sirens/Dazzlings to the human world with the Crystal Mirror instead of making a portal in sky which is shown in both Rainbow Rocks, Shadow Play part 2, and Legends of Magic Issue #12 So I think the epilogue of FIENDship is Magic Issue #3 was canon. So in my opinion instead of banishing them to the human world if this issue is canon, then maybe Star Swirl would banished the Sirens out of Canterlot while the Sirens continued to invade and hypnotized Equestria until it was shown in Issue #7 of Legends of Magic. So in the epilogue, Star Swirl didn’t sent the Sirens to the future and to the human world at the same time because something’s not right. So after reading Legends of Magic Issue #12, you must read the epilogue of FIENDship is Magic Issue #3 before you read the present day epilogue of Legends of Magic Issue #12. Because that would make it canon.
Background Pony #EDE2
@Red Yellow Moon

Well i can guess that when the portal is closed time moves faster in equestria that it does in the human world. When its open its reversed. Examples:

-Sunset whent trhough the mirror when her ages was the same as current twilight, in that point Twilight was a filly but when sunset returned she didnt seemed to age at all.

-When Twilight return from the Human world it seemed that in Equestria time didnt moved as it almost seemed she returned almost instantly instead of the 3 days she spent in the human world. I say this because her friends never seemed to move from the chamber(Exept Luna and Celestia).

For the sirens i can say for them it has been 1-3 years from their banishment but in equestria it has been 1000 years
Background Pony #CC1B
A world without magic. Not since the show ’’Once Upon a Time’’ have I heard that term.
Red Yellow Moon

Why did the mirror send them 1,000 years into the future? That mirror looks like the one Twilight used, so why didn't it do the same thing (send her several years into the future) to her?

Also, why did Star Swirl send the Dazzlings 1,000 years into the future? Was that ever explained?