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explicit392826 grotesque12222 semi-grimdark32333 artist:augustbebel554 applejack182123 fluttershy229379 pinkie pie231158 rainbow dash251122 rarity196211 twilight sparkle322021 alicorn256615 pony1224360 belly32875 betrayal549 bone3507 comic118547 dead4546 death5569 dialogue74590 digestion3099 disposal558 elements of harmony2622 fatal124 feather6981 female1516282 fetish45673 flutterprey659 mane six34180 mare566154 multiple prey871 murder1646 pinkie prey643 poop5812 preydash790 preyjack402 rariprey582 scat4143 skull3425 sleeping25457 taunting298 tight belly80 tight bulge303 twibutt6634 twilight sparkle (alicorn)133523 twipred928 vore16084 weight gain4889


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Background Pony #3EBB
Meh, not my style and I’m into scat.
I’d much rather see Twilight utterly pig out and release a ton of shit afterward.
Wesley Foxx
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The Fluffiest
basically, the tl;dr version is if the subject matter is something you would downvote every time but can filter, then just filter it instead of being a douchebag.
Duck - Quack!

@Background Pony #4325  
You are wrong though. Downvotes exist to determine quality of something.  
If a person purposefully seeks out vore pictures just to downvote them and leave a hateful comment, then this person is an arsehole and should probably redirect their efforts on fixing their own miserable life instead of trying to force everyone enjoy what they do.
So no, this is not how you use rating. But if a vore fan finds a poorly made vore piece or something that was made as a provocation or offense, or he just doesn’t like the particular picture/story/whatever (not the whole genre), then he is free to express his opinion to let the artist and others know what he finds wrong (and increase his own ego by doing so). Thank God most artists learned that the only parameter that maters is upvotes. This fandom is filled to the brink with intolerant, hypocritical and egotistical bigots, so it’s no wonder we are constantly getting discussions like this.
Imbeciles that think that everything was made for them to enjoy and that everything should be their way are the worst kind of people there is in my opinion. They constantly prefer to hate something and wish for it to disappear instead of letting it stay and be enjoyed by people who like it. Learn tolerance, that is all.
Background Pony #D13B
@Background Pony #4309  
The rating and comments system exists for the sake of the general population to express their opinions. Deal with it.
If it were otherwise all pictures would only have upvotes from the niche groups that they specifically appeal to. And downvotes wouldn’t exist at all. Ever downvoted something? If so, I guess you owe them an apology because under your own standards, you should have just ignored it.
Background Pony #E643
They’ve also ruined your figure, and it’ll take a long time for you to work them off. So there! Victory!
Background Pony #187A
This one gives context to the scat picture.
That one is being downvoted solely because it’s scat and nothing else without much context.

Fun Police
I like that this version so far has 6 in score while the scat picture alone has -25.
Might catch up as time goes, but right now i find it sorta funny.