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Tirek needs more love! (: He really does. I don't see much dedication to him in the fandom.
safe1704138 artist:fiona brown77 lord tirek5292 adorable face1496 bracer421 bronybait2973 cute199447 floppy ears52217 frown22829 gradient background12595 hug request436 male371922 nose piercing2696 nose ring2138 piercing40987 pouting1981 precious104 puppy dog eyes731 sad24481 sadorable889 sign3967 solo1062548 sweet dreams fuel1594 tirebetes206


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Background Pony #7F23
After what you chrysalis and cozy glow did you tried to kill twilight sparkle and her friends no
Background Pony #E0F5
i would just say "look tierk". i know what you did trust me, i know what it's like to betray your brother, it's ok, i forgive you. shakes hands. feel better bro!. can we be bros.? .
Background Pony #C403
ME: Y0 stupid
TIERK: NO I ain't
ME: what's a million x infinity
ME: Y0 really are stupid
Background Pony #0F05
He is sooo creepy but it's so funny watching like that everyday and it makes me laugh:)
Background Pony #0F05
Sorry tirek but you look likea sad puppy. hahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!:)