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nobody's favorite
Night Glider: "I'm warning you now: If you start singing 'Let It Go' again, you're sleeping up here."

Double Diamond: "Fair enough. Hey, can I ask you a question?"

Night Glider: "Ask away."

Double Diamond: "Well, I was just wondering…"

Night Glider: "Yes?"

Double Diamond: "Do you wanna build a snowmare?"

Thread Starter - Pokemon General Thread

If you must know: discussions about how Double Diamond is the second Braeburn and how everyone should be gay for him, which then turned into a discussion about what Double Diamond's sexuality should be
Background Pony #5D25
are people still arguing about if he's gay or not? it's 2015 and we're still having this argument? i could care less if he was gay, straight, trans, or bi. heck they could make anyone gay and i would be fine with it. it's not going to hurt anyone if they love the same gender.
Background Pony #C341
Double Diamond should be pan — A guy this cute would be wasted if he stuck to just one gender c':