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HD of this cycle
safe1588010 screencap206555 twilight sparkle284039 alicorn199916 pony859867 the cutie map4006 adorkable3229 animated92957 behaving like a bird556 cute181515 dork3481 embarrassed10321 feather ruffle8 female1228413 gif28314 grin33485 gritted teeth10523 hnnng2295 mare427659 nervous5097 perfect loop1159 ruffling wings7 smiling218556 solo983600 squee1915 twiabetes10485 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116337 twitch260 weapons-grade cute3288 wings81750


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33 comments posted
Background Pony #E83B
The only thing off I see is how it alternates the number of feathers during the movement.

Other than that, this is probably the cutest thing I've seen the show do with the wings!