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I have to agree with AJ here, Twi.

Original Sketch by Lil Miss Jaye.
suggestive141169 artist:kaixxxcorner122 artist:lil miss jay2486 applejack168697 twilight sparkle298365 anthro257085 unguligrade anthro47754 bad touch734 big breasts80796 blushing195190 breast grab6993 breasts274283 busty applejack10346 busty twilight sparkle11879 cleavage34236 clothes454291 embarrassed11257 female1349745 grope12918 huge breasts37807 impossibly large breasts16592 lesbian95982 molestation1747 shipping198322 tube top564 twijack1140


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Background Pony #A5A9
Twilight: applejack I gotta go to the bathroom

Applejack: no pee on me

Twilight: what no

Appljack: are going to hold it much longer or not

Twilight: oh ok


Applejack: ahhh I'm so warm

Twilight: wow