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"No, this is not a good place to stay!

Continuing just a little bit longer. Im not really sure why Ive randomly been so ambitious with compositions lately but oh well!"
safe1676210 artist:whitediamonds478 applejack167420 fido524 rarity179108 rover988 spot455 diamond dog3366 earth pony237753 pony938876 unicorn311031 cider2534 cloak4164 clothes448792 eyes closed90061 female1336138 floppy ears50697 frown22452 grin37071 hat84386 lesbian94969 male362676 mare466258 rarijack6961 rarijack daily238 shipping196245 smiling240352 smirk12150 stallion104823 sweat25537 sweatdrop3068 tavern159 wet7837 wet mane5111 wet mane rarity815 wide eyes16814


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Barman! More Rarijack is required in this hostelry! And ciders all round! In the words of Eddie Hitler in "Bottom": 'Taxi; the Copacabana!' (Keels over after drinking bleach) X3


Rara would get so blootered, she'd dance on the table: whilst AJ was under it, completely ratarsed on cider!