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"Is it Cadance? Did Cadance write back?"
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For everyone ITT:

I am now imagining Marine Luna of Alicorn Squad going up against The Makron — a Stroggified Queen Chrysalis — in the last stage of "Quake IV": and our Soldier of the Night is armed with a Dark Matter Gun.

Gibs a-plenty, as the Makron spawns all manner of Strogg Changelings!
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Pretty soft for a Sony.
Thinking about Twilight spontaneously noclipping, alot of strange pony behavior and magic stuff could be explained by them having cheat code abilities.
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The double shotgun was too slow for my tastes, when crawling through the levels I used to fire my the single shotgun.
Against single, beefed monsters, on the other hand, it was lethal.


Might play through Doom again sometime. idfka is a fave of mine, all weapons/ammo, armour, and keys~

Shotgun was a fave of mine, but Double Shotgun from Doom 2 was just… amazing. Must've fought the Cyberdemon in Grosse with that a hundred times.

Twi: 'SHINY!'



(Nostalgia Bomb goes off in head)

…ahhh, that word takes me back to my early id Software days: "DOOM".