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safe1687725 artist:zutheskunk187 fluttershy210708 pegasus284624 pony949435 absurd resolution65770 belly button76316 cute197074 daaaaaaaaaaaw3743 eating9489 female1345841 food68905 mare471752 mushroom934 nom3037 olive55 pizza1901 puffy cheeks3837 shyabetes13510 simple background387070 sitting62148 solo1051417 soy sausage1 vector76114 weapons-grade cute3645 white background96029


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Imagine opening a pizza box and finding a tiny Fluttershy nomming on a piece like this.
Don't imagine it too vividly without someone nearby to take you to the hospital though.
Barry Tone
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Christ's God: יהוה

I like black olives on Pizza too.

I'm still thinking of making a rather special Pizza… Freshly made (cheese included), and with live grain dough.
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I'm partial to a mushroom and olive pie. I'm picky about my pepperoni, and will often go for salami instead. Oh, and (dons protective gear) New York style for life.
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I guess Stan Lee's Mighty 7 didn't make enough of an impression to stick around.

@BigMax: "maybe y’all like pickles instead!"
Well, not on pizza, but otherwise, sure.