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Okay, admittedly, I don’t follow the MLP series. HOWEVER, one of my best friends does, and has been bugging me for a while to at least give the EQG movies a shot.

So. After finally watching both EQG movies, I figured, "Hmm…this could be a fun project to do…"

And that’s how this little animation came about. ;)
safe (1428292)artist:joshng (2)rainbow dash (203777)human (130711)equestria girls (159527)alternate hairstyle (21266)animated (84681)awesome (476)boots (16024)clothes (355410)decepticon (133)denim (249)electric guitar (749)eyes closed (67901)female (759335)full body (1640)guitar (3883)headbang (205)humanized (87991)jacket (8753)kneesocks (873)metal (772)perfect loop (734)ponytail (13151)rainbow socks (1200)shirt (17162)shorts (10276)simple background (290559)skinny (1743)smiling (183020)smirk (9250)smooth as butter (32)socks (49093)solo (875444)striped socks (16610)transformers (3251)white background (72100)


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Background Pony #4CC5
I’d be more impressed if she wasn’t playing the same chord over and over again. But otherwise very good animation.
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Comments401 comments posted