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safe2039182 artist:aymint75 spike88793 twilight sparkle340302 alicorn286733 dragon75917 pony1392430 unicorn475148 adult3163 adult spike1376 butt200228 cute245135 dragons riding ponies742 duo132371 eyes closed126253 female1659854 floppy ears66905 hug34764 looking back77593 male482053 mama twilight1154 mare651495 older35617 older spike8331 on back30835 open mouth208758 plot124566 ponies riding dragons125 quadrupedal spike119 raised hoof62865 riding8627 role reversal1654 simple background533417 sleeping27593 smiling349739 spike riding twilight542 spikelove1254 spread wings80987 twilight riding spike20 twilight sparkle (alicorn)141768 underhoof63648 unicorn twilight28336 white background140161


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The longer I look at older Spike the more I think he is in mid run. Like something happened to Twilight and he is trying to get her someplace safe. That’s why he has that scowl.  
Maybe Twilight was knocked unconscious and in a panic he is rushing back to town.  
And she is enjoying the warmth, that’s why she is smiling. Or maybe she is affected by a shippers curse, and she’s all touchy-feely, while Spike is angry that he let that happen to her.