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safe1726280 artist:islamilenaria84 applejack171475 big macintosh28532 caramel2528 comet tail890 flash sentry12996 fluttershy214796 pinkie pie218116 pokey pierce1378 prince blueblood4147 rainbow dash236114 rarity183565 soarin'14094 sunset shimmer63826 trixie68074 twilight sparkle303007 alicorn228322 pony986544 :o3821 bedroom eyes60252 bluetrix825 carajack428 cometlight299 cuddling8471 cute202780 eye contact6539 eyes closed95539 female1380645 flashimmer2150 floppy ears53178 flower26144 flower in hair7884 fluttermac2953 flying38743 holding hooves1682 horns are touching704 hug28686 magic74248 male379799 mare490564 nuzzling4024 old cutie mark557 open mouth149765 pokeypie279 prone25911 raripants283 shipping202736 sitting64343 smiling254126 snuggling6564 soarindash4852 spread wings55687 straight138236 sweet dreams fuel1613 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124856 upside down5636 wide eyes17206 winghug2942


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Background Pony #8A62
Switch Flash with Comet,Pokey with Cheese sandwich,and Fancy pants with Spike.😊
Background Pony #F563
Why in the world would Twilight be with Comet tail? He makes even less sense than Twilight being with Flash Sentry. YOUR OPINIONS ARE BAD AND YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD.
Background Pony #08C5
So am I (on top of age, 2006 is when I registered), but I never heard that term before. You learn something everyday.

To the Sparity fans, that is one of two common excuses that they have no proof on. The other is that Fancy is already married to Fluer, despite no proof of that as well.
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Posting this was practically a maturity test

As usual, DB performs pretty well save for all the cowardly anons
We're still doing better than ThyTube, thank Celestia
Background Pony #A300
Forced hetero pairings for these characters and no CheesePie. Seriously.

Also Fancy is waaaay too old for Rarity (and I think it's pretty safe to assume he's with Fleur from how she was hanging all over him).
Background Pony #7A04
I'm loving Mac's reaction in comparison to everyone else. I mean, yeah, Trixie is surprised and all, but she still looks pretty into it. Mac just downright looks both surprised and terrified. It's like "The fuck is happening right now?".
Background Pony #08C5
What you really are saying: "These aren't popular ships. They must be butthurt for liking something else."

It's like saying "This isn't Call of Duty, or Madden, or Grand Theft Auto. They must be butthurt for liking something else."
Background Pony #80DB

Look at the source. It's barely two days old.

And remember, people don't like different things just to spite you.