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safe1752508 artist:foudubulbe490 maud pie12746 trixie68779 pony1012321 unicorn343097 comic:damp rocks239 ...2395 annoyed5606 bits1123 comic111580 crying44886 eye contact6614 female1403653 floppy ears54632 frown23612 glare8305 gullible28 jealous1259 lesbian99375 mare503086 mauxie445 messy mane7936 open mouth154834 puffy cheeks3973 question mark4709 sarcasm316 sewing581 sewing machine572 shipping205926 smiling261637 wide eyes17418 windswept mane2870 yelling3203


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this one almost brings me to tears…D,8, Maud loves her so much she is willing to pay for the trip DX!!!!!
wahhh!!! MAUD!!!!!!!
Background Pony #134F
It’s not that she doesn’t care for Maud, it’s just that she’s prone to exaggeration and Maud doesn’t get that she’s bullshitting, it’s “insensitive” but only really in the way that you don’t notice someone didn’t get the joke.
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Pfft, the saddle Arabians don’t live in castles, they pitch their great-tents in the vast plains of the Dothraki sea.  
You kner nuthin, Trixie Lulermoon.

@Background Pony #A449  
Oh, ok. So you’re the authority on objectively good stories now? Can you please read my fanfic and tell me how good it is?  
Seriously, Foudubulbe can take this story in any direction, and a failed relationship between them is one of those. Yes, that can work. But if they execute it well, a happy ending is absolutely possible and plausible too. It’s all in the writing. Stories aren’t automatically better just because they have a sad ending.
Background Pony #B10D
Their relationship is going to, at some point, hideously crash, and people will hate it here and send foudubulbe angry messages, because they cannot mentally handle anything else than eternal sappy love.
Even if it’s, you know, a better and a logically developed story that way.
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Most likely she made it herself, but she didn’t say she made it herself because that’s not the point. Maud’s irrational jealousy is the point.
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Oh wow I love how artist make Trixie so insensitive, its hard to make her likeable and in character, but he did it.
Damn Maud you are hopeless in love with her :D
And those expressions are just priceless even that little detail with Trixie mane when shouting