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safe1901923 artist:arareroll450 princess celestia102440 alicorn261186 pony1249390 adorkable3878 alarm clock470 beautiful6506 bed47691 bed mane787 blanket6281 brush2222 brushie621 brushing501 clock2200 comic119932 cute225870 cutelestia3892 dork4184 ethereal mane10072 eyebrows13151 eyebrows visible through hair6902 eyes closed113410 female1538862 floppy ears61339 flowing mane2643 frown27044 glowing9780 glowing horn23758 gradient background16033 grin49161 high res79000 horn105692 magic82782 magic aura5955 majestic as fuck1389 mare579250 messy mane8748 morning ponies1548 multicolored mane2788 multicolored tail2033 music notes3892 one eye closed37890 praise the sun2206 pretty853 princess dorklestia10 purple eyes3675 sillestia316 silly7978 silly face468 silly pony3190 slice of life1498 smiling310046 solo1212723 sparkles5939 spray bottle97 spread wings69270 telekinesis32313 tired3626 toothbrush883 toothpaste277 wall of tags5059 wing hands2409 wings159107 wink28601


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Background Pony #D767
There’s a girl that’s been on myyyyyyy miiiiiiiiind !  
All the tiiiiiiiime, su-su-sussudio :3