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Further cleanup, fixed the eye showing through the hair.
safe1783803 artist:allosaurus252 artist:longinius849 edit139314 princess celestia97777 twilight sparkle310087 alicorn238781 pony1083914 unicorn356474 colored20152 cute209920 cutelestia3714 eyes closed101383 female1432606 floppy ears56389 hug29752 lidded eyes32775 mare518194 momlestia1014 smiling271986 snuggling6665 twiabetes12465 winghug3061


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Phantom Rider

You are already booped.
It’s kinda sad; it’s obvious how much Tia adores her but Twi still thinks that she’s gonna get banished from Equestria, locked in a dungeon, or banished and then locked in a dungeon in the place she’s banished to over the slighest mistake.
Yet One More Idiot
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World's biggest idiot xD
The Omnibenevolence of Princess Celestia knows no bounds. For she is the source of all Love. <3 :3[/John Joseco] >:D
Wait, isn’t that Cadence who’s the source of all Love? :D

The Omnibenevolence of Princess Celestia knows no bounds. For she is the source of all Love. <3 :3
Beware Twi, should ‘Tia’s mane turn a pinkish-grey…! [/John Joseco] >:D
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people aren’t gonna know what you’re talking about if you don’t give a link to the original as well.
added in the source.