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safe1707366 artist:harwick266 fluttershy212761 duck1356 pegasus292157 pony968513 :p8919 bush2694 cute199936 duckling187 female1363986 hair over one eye9033 looking up16488 mare481119 nervous5693 old version101 painting3596 pond867 scenery8037 shyabetes13830 smiling248731 solo1064875 spit325 swimming2051 tongue out104043 update107 water13273 wet mane5182


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Pretty soft for a Sony.
They start out life so young and full of innocence, but watch out when they grow up, for online repositories of opinions won't know what hit them!
Background Pony #27E6
So sute!
I love his drawings! His work is excellent. And he does not draw clop/porn. I respect harvitsk for it.
Background Pony #32C3
I thought she got earthworms in her mouth from the thumb. Nope, just water.