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Just a reminder to all of us to cut ourselves some slack. Everyone can mess up from time to time, no matter how humble or grand others may imagine us to be. And on a side note, have you hugged your local Princess today? She might need it.

I probably should have offered something more celebratory for the announcement of Season 5, but as I was sketching this is what came about. I did decided to work a bit of New Castle background in there, though, so it's somewhat on topic! I'm excited about the new season, and the promise of more travel, adventure, and that 100th episode entirely featuring supporting and background characters! Should be a blast, and I suspect a certain cross-eyed mare will get some time to shine in it. Will they restore her voice? Give her that fan-imagined Mailmare position? Who can say?

Feel free to sound off with your own hopes and comments for Season Five…

Published: Mar 10, 2015
Background Pony #9358
I know I'm supposed to find this heartwarming, but looking at it I can't help wondering if Harwick or one of his friends is feeling down.

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