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safe1681459 artist:westphalianartist40 adagio dazzle12705 aria blaze9617 sonata dusk13329 star swirl the bearded1994 equestria girls196936 alternate costumes1490 beard3555 cape10056 clothes450536 group3415 group photo762 harsher in hindsight280 humanized98935 naruto763 school uniform7132 schoolgirl1848 shirt24206 skirt38975 team 74 vest3813 wizard's hat4 younger17082


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Background Pony #EC8E
@Dirty Bit
it's like She is weighing her options, let him live and never have a chance conquering the Land or killing Starswirl but in return having Sonata cry, whine, scream and toss with pillows for all eternity because "she killed daddy"
Background Pony #EC8E
In Westphalianartists Headcanon they were created by Grogar, after the Fall of Tambelon Starswirl found them in the dungeon and took them under his care, because he could not bring himself to "get rid of" the little Sirens