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Description from deviantArt:
"Sit down and watch the transparent screen Pinkie!" >:U

Here is the final colours from this picture, which I drew for Canterlot Hill's Livestream thingy (complete with transparent background so you can make them watch whatever you want XP)

The amazing colours were done by my pal so go check him out or something or I will find you >:U
( Also Ziggy, if you wanna post this on your DA too you can go right ahead c: )

safe1678959 artist:fritzybeat23 artist:ziggyfin2 applejack167698 fluttershy209813 pinkie pie213578 rainbow dash230936 rarity179343 twilight sparkle296997 breaking the fourth wall894 cinema379 exploitable1154 looking at you163541 mane six31492 popcorn1495 pumbaa19 simple background384428 template1534 theater303 timon24 transparent background198454 waving2866


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Background Pony #8474
Pinkie Pie:
"I love your movie, Wander. And I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Rarity: "I cannot wait to see Clutter Stitch's costumes on screen…so I can learn what not to do."

Pinkie: "Hey Mads! You gave us a movie with Jeff Goldblum in it! Thaaaaanks!"

Twilight: "One beloved actor does not a good movie make, Pinkie. You should've see some of the things Leonard Nimoy's been in."

Spike: "sigh, I'm gonna miss those credits. Now the movie has to start."
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

This being Halloween, I kind of hope the film they'll be seeing is the 1963 version of The Haunting.

A masterpiece of horror cinema that the ladies will enjoy. Okay, they won't sleep for a week later, but they'll enjoy it!

Oh my gosh! Someone actually uploaded this here! XD Thank you so much, I didn't ever expect anyone to take the time to put my stuff on here X3

Thank yoooou~ <3