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safe1751164 artist:foudubulbe490 maud pie12737 pinkie pie220269 trixie68756 pony1011188 unicorn342543 comic:damp rocks239 comic111495 crying44837 dialogue68078 female1402443 floppy ears54548 glare8303 lesbian99302 mare502469 mauxie445 open mouth154532 shipping205719 speech bubble24444 wide eyes17402 yelling3197


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@Darth Sonic
Maud's already had a couple breakdowns (as far as her emotional displays allow). I get the feeling that her being abusive is something foudubulbe isn't going to write in… At least, not abusive towards Trixie or Pinkie.

I mean, she DID almost destroy Luna… and busted up that pawn shop-owner's place pretty fierce…

@Darth Sonic
Cripes, my memory's shot. You have a point about this strip's occasional moral ambiguity, though Trix has been rather emotionally abusive here & prior. Might be 'bout time for another session of Dream Counseling(C)…or some actual psychiatry.

Aww, Trix still has confidence issues & defends via all-out offense. And Maudie apparently has Sister Sadness Sense(R) to go with the slasher-teleporting. Volatile mix. But seriously: where's the rest of the clan? Tom owe 'em money or something?