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safe1755101 artist:lumineko2818 sci-twi25401 twilight sparkle306667 equestria girls207809 rainbow rocks18553 age regression1441 blushing205270 calculus53 chalkboard2948 clothes477341 cute206227 dialogue68226 e=mc^28 fancy mathematics241 female1405820 glasses64951 head tilt1075 lab coat2258 looking at you176371 lumineko is trying to murder us62 math840 nom3102 pencil3791 physics207 quantum physics16 science1256 smiling262503 solo1097284 speech bubble24495 twiabetes12297 weapons-grade cute3770 younger17812


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Divide out mass, and we get NO = c 2. I’m not sure what those first two variables are, but their product is apparently a constant. A very high one at that, about 9 * 10 16 m/s.