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safe (1519931) artist:bluse (388) adagio dazzle (11672) aria blaze (8964) sonata dusk (12312) sunset shimmer (54751) equestria girls (172433) bags under eyes (1618) bloodshot eyes (1090) blushing (167217) bottle (3287) clothes (389087) coca-cola (210) cookie (3161) crying (38156) doritos (204) drink (4101) drinking (2849) eating (8250) eyes closed (75375) female (845287) food (57265) frown (20841) glare (7866) grin (30997) jelly beans (31) junk food (51) messy eating (991) pants (11089) part of a set (8590) potato chips (132) pringles (47) runny nose (84) signature (17347) slumber party (148) smiling (201719) sweatdrop (2113) sweater (12564) tears of joy (1891) the dazzlings (3935) the wandering dazzlings (6) tired (2714) wide eyes (15703)


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88 comments posted
C Money
Duck - bundle of quacks

Sunset: "how did you? That's it, I'm grabbing my guns!"
Sunset teleports as if she turned into lightning
Sonata: "what was that?"
Adagio: "doesn't matter! We Have fo-"
Adagio get's improved by a mysterious figure in a fullbody black skin-fitting suit, the figure then pulls out it's .44 mag Desert Eagles off it's thighs and blows both Aria's and Sonata's heads then pulls down face cover revealing that it's sunset
Sunset: "Damn I'm good."