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I will admit that last upload was boring so this one has pictures


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When it comes to ages, EQG Flash being in high school doesn't mean the pony version is. After all, there are a few millennia separating the two versions of Tia and Lulu.
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This is my head cannon, except her mom (Sunset Shimmer) abandoned them and her dad raised her.
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@Background Pony #FC2F

In terms of pony "genetics" which I assume your referring to,orange does not have to be yellow. Multiple instances in the show have had the offspring a pair coat color only marginally resembling the color palette of their mother and father. Really the show can have kids any color they want and really only put them in the same palette for comparison purposes purposes. So color here is no object to the "joke" above.
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We know that Sweetie Belle is canonically over 5 years old & considering how she was drawn to look very young then it'd be kind of creepy if Flash had a child at around that age.

Friendship is Magic ponies are more likely to have ages work more similar to a human scale than a horse one…

& humans reach puberty around 10-14ish in age & I don't think they're usually considered old enough to have kids…
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Horses reach puberty at four, if the definition of a stallion or mare is meant to be interpreted as able to do it by then. Of course, a few episodes and the presumption that the mane cast is under 18 have since been disclosed. Why the mane characters' ages are meant to be left open is another debate. :j
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Flash is probably way too young to be Scoot's dad. Brother, that I could see, though.
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I have a headcanon for awhile that flash was scootaloos Big brother best friend forever, but they font get to see each other much since Flash has to work as the royal guard