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Background Pony #6A22
"I'm going to let them in. I already KNOW that I'll regret it but I'll do it anyway. What the heck is wrong with me?"
Background Pony #ED72
Sonata: Allias, Can you please let us in?
Allias : No.
Aria: why?
Allias: Because you killed my black cat Simba. It's 8pm.
Adagio: please, we-
Allias: I told you no, Now get the hell out before i brutally turn into a sabre tooth beast and eat you alive.
(The Dazzlings make puppy dog eyes while begging Allias)
Allias : NO!!!!!!! Go find your mom!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Allias slams the door really hard)
(Dazzlings start to cry painfully)
Background Pony #CC52
Well, it DOES have a sequel image here:
C Money
Duck - bundle of quacks

Sunset: go away.
Sonata: but-
Sunset: no.
Aria: why?
Sunset: why do you think.
Adagio: please, we-
Sunset: once again, no. Now leave before I get angry. You saw that rainbow beam thing? That calmed a demonic force within me. Don't go, and I will burn you to ashes where stand.
Dazzalings: back up slowly
Sunset: shuts door calmly
Shuts door calmly
Artist -

Looks like they have three options.

1. Find a domestic shelter.

2. Receive charity from Main 6 (that is…if the main 6 have forgiven them)

3. Sell themselves into prostitution.

If you are talking about the first movie, she already used observation to use Spike as a half-hearted plan B. Any plan more direct then that would of been discovered in the morning or made pre-demon Sunset queasy.

If you are talking about the second movie, it is quite possible she is living with the pies like Trixie did in Equestria. However when she wasn't being trusted by anyone briefly in the comic, she went back to the library.

Also, she came from the second floor. I don't even know if its the same library. Some schools have a smaller library on the second or third floor that's more of a study lounge.
An Artist Who Rocks - 100+ images under their artist tag
Artist -

Did the artist just cut these out from somewhere and paste them into the image? Look at where she is kneeling, it makes no sense at all
Duck - TheDuckX, flapping pointlessly around Sunset Shimmer

If you mean in the first movie, she could use that as an opportunity to stop Twilight. Wait for her to fall asleep and tie her up or something.
If you mean following the first movie, she's not evil anymore.

…why would the person who's made a living for the past 2.5 years black-mailing people announce themselves? Assuming it was the same library, that's like a CIA agent shouting 'I am a spy!' in the middle of a high profile banquet.
Duck - TheDuckX, flapping pointlessly around Sunset Shimmer

@Lawful Girly
It's especially stupid when you consider how the other girls reacted to Twilight going to sleep in there for a night. If Sunset had been living in there, she'd have likely spoke up.
And that's ignoring the fact that in an empty library, Twilight's voice would have carried, and if Sunset was living in there she'd have heard her talking in the first movie.