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safe1726539 artist:ryured221 fluttershy214833 rarity183588 spike79473 human156675 bikini18518 clothes467001 cute202835 cutie mark swimsuit152 human spike577 humanized100884 ocean6857 purple swimsuit263 spanish4352 stupid sexy spike171 swimsuit28871 translated in the comments2681 white swimsuit134 yellow swimsuit117


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Background Pony #3A67
Wait one moment!

zooms in 500% towards Fluttershy

Lets see here.
Index fingers poking together.
Thought bubble saying how Spike is handsome so no one else can hear it.
Cute shyness giving off sense of longing.

suddenly sniffs obnoxiously loud at the picture while donning a monocle

Ladies and Gentlemen I do believe I smell a FlutterSpike ship here somewhere… or at least a hinting of it.
Speaking Fancy -

"Rarity: ohh….my precious, adorable, cute, handsome, little and eternal friend, Spike."

"Fluttershy: Well……Spike looks handsome."

"Spike: ¿¿¡¡ETERNAL!!??"
Background Pony #E01E
Can anyone tell me why they are using upside down marks in spanish? It is such a waste of space.