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An allusion to >>827454. When this image was featured on Derpibooru, its comment box was derailed by 4chan haters into a Skeletor thread.

safe2188771 artist:dm291693 flash sentry15134 twilight sparkle359872 alicorn317388 pegasus503277 pony1618461 g42044912 200000 comments1 adventure in the comments1347 blushing277142 bouquet1291 box6433 box of chocolates311 brony history349 carrying3124 comment event horizon6 comments locked down483 comments more entertaining50 cute267864 cutie mark51312 daaaaaaaaaaaw7076 derail in the comments367 derpibooru history6 derpibooru legacy23 diasentres304 eternal thread5 eye2118 eyes2307 featured image1222 female1818741 flower40048 flower in hair12813 folded wings20519 food102404 happy45040 heart77827 hearts and hooves day2943 history lessons in the comments5 hoof hold13166 hooves26270 just married33 legendary84 letter3868 lilac (flower)16 looking back87586 looking up24327 male555952 mare751837 mouth hold23925 op started shit234 ponies riding ponies2850 raised hoof70817 riding9275 ship:flashlight3307 shipping256177 signature45167 simple background604203 skeletor in the comments3 smiling402498 song in the comments287 spread wings96238 stallion198071 straight180767 the eternal thread6 the former eternal thread3 the image formerly known as the eternal thread3 the image that started zeb's eternal feud with sirbumpaous3 the image that was formerly called a heaven for begging a thread starter1 the most comments on a single derpibooru image1 this needs a year of patient to read all of comments1 thread war15 transparent background287051 trotting2055 twiabetes15426 twilight riding flash sentry9 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150221 valentine's day5269 valentine's day card596 vector90189 wall of tags6787 wings226900 world's longest comment thread1 you guys are awesome and i love you5


Background Pony #0113
Nah, the trending tab hasn’t worked like that in years. It only takes into account images uploaded in the last 72 hours and now it can remember the original upload dates for reposts so they don’t end up there even if the old image gets merged into a higher resolution reupload.
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drank the gender fluid
so is this gonna get merged and are we gonna be seeing that damn thread in the trending images tab for the next 3 days or