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An allusion to >>827454. When this image was featured on Derpibooru, its comment box was derailed by 4chan haters into a Skeletor thread.
safe1677455 artist:dm291661 flash sentry12644 twilight sparkle296830 alicorn218898 pegasus280731 pony940112 adventure in the comments1275 best ship43 blushing192785 bouquet970 box4533 box of chocolates179 brony history104 carrying2169 comment event horizon5 comments locked down202 comments more entertaining41 cute195491 cutie mark46635 daaaaaaaaaaaw3674 derail in the comments287 derpibooru history5 derpibooru legacy18 diasentres273 eternal thread5 featured image867 female1337206 flashlight2708 flower24959 flower in hair7478 folded wings5710 food68299 happy30426 heart47153 hearts and hooves day2149 history lessons in the comments4 hoof hold8117 legendary73 letter3015 lilacs6 looking back55549 looking up15997 male362965 mare466959 mouth hold17047 ponies riding ponies2180 raised hoof44258 riding5646 shipping196406 signature23354 simple background383918 skeletor in the comments3 smiling240613 song in the comments239 spread wings53048 stallion104943 straight133517 the eternal thread6 the former eternal thread3 the image formerly known as the eternal thread3 the image that started zeb's eternal feud with sirbumpaous3 thread war15 transparent background198240 trotting1380 twiabetes11495 twilight riding flash sentry5 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122184 valentine's day3543 valentine's day card402 vector75760 wall of tags2910 wings101238 you guys are awesome and i love you2


Background Pony #0113
Nah, the trending tab hasn't worked like that in years. It only takes into account images uploaded in the last 72 hours and now it can remember the original upload dates for reposts so they don't end up there even if the old image gets merged into a higher resolution reupload.
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look at this
so is this gonna get merged and are we gonna be seeing that damn thread in the trending images tab for the next 3 days or