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An allusion to >>827454. When this image was featured on Derpibooru, its comment box was derailed by 4chan haters into a Skeletor thread.
safe1589390 artist:dm291637 flash sentry12173 twilight sparkle284843 alicorn198175 pegasus244899 pony856476 adventure in the comments1246 best ship40 blushing178121 bouquet858 box4250 box of chocolates150 brony history84 carrying2031 comment event horizon5 comments locked down134 comments more entertaining38 cute180933 cutie mark41586 derail in the comments278 derpibooru history5 derpibooru legacy18 diasentres276 eternal thread5 featured image790 female933567 flashlight2563 flower22549 flower in hair6743 folded wings4692 food61810 happy27967 heart43675 hearts and hooves day1965 history lessons in the comments3 hoof hold7436 legendary73 letter2918 lilacs6 looking back49824 looking up14180 male310462 mare421240 mouth hold15642 ponies riding ponies2097 raised hoof39908 riding5180 shipping185700 signature19262 simple background349871 skeletor in the comments3 smiling218554 song in the comments216 spread wings48397 stallion94330 straight122851 the eternal thread6 the former eternal thread3 the image formerly known as the eternal thread3 the image that started zeb's eternal feud with sirbumpaous3 thread war15 transparent background181199 trotting1248 twiabetes10451 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116249 valentine's day3100 valentine's day card316 vector71627 wall of tags2424 wings79025


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Nah, the trending tab hasn't worked like that in years. It only takes into account images uploaded in the last 72 hours and now it can remember the original upload dates for reposts so they don't end up there even if the old image gets merged into a higher resolution reupload.
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so is this gonna get merged and are we gonna be seeing that damn thread in the trending images tab for the next 3 days or